Below are a list of helpful links to websites that we often recommend to our clients and links to other helpful resources like online calculators and estimators.

General Links:
Internal Revenue Service
Illinois Department of Revenue
Illinois Secretary of State
Do It Yourself Business Filings
Pay Any Tax Via Credit Card
Find Various Tax Rates
Small Business Administration
Check Your Refund Status

Helpful Resources for Small Businesses:
US Small Business Administration

Calculators and Estimators:
Will I have enough to meet my retirement income goals? This financial calculator estimates how much your retirement savings may be worth at your retirement age and the potential retirement income you might expect from it (based on current planning).
Retirement Savings Planner

How much do I need to save for college? This tool calculates how much you will need to fund college for your kids as well as project your ongoing savings to see if you will have enough.
College Savings Planner

What estate tax would be due on a hypothetical estate? This tool provides a basic estate tax illustration. Please consult a CPA for a detailed estate tax analysis.
Estate Tax Estimator

If you wait to start saving, you will have to save more each month or year to meet the same goals. This calculator will show you the impact of “waiting” to start saving for your goals.
Cost of Waiting

Which mortgage is right for you? Use this tool to compare the costs and rates of two different mortgages.
Mortgage Planner

Should you save in a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA? This tool will help you compare the two options. It will show you a projection of your ongoing savings into both types. It will then show you the net after-tax values of what you have saved.
Roth IRA vs. IRA Calculator